What I Gave Up to Podcast & Make Content

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There are some things people do not want to tell you about getting into content creation, espeically something like a blog or podcast. But in the interest of honesty, I want you to understand, you will need to sacrifice a part of your life to make this work.

The Good News is the scope of what you need to give up might be something very small, but of course, it could be something very big. That is entirely dependent on you. I cannot shape your day to day for you. Only you can do that. However, I can share what I gave up to make content and podcast. Maybe that will give you a good idea, of what is in store for you. Also, for those of you who are already on the journey, you may read this blog and need to re-think some things.

I knew when I decided to work a full time job AND create content  something would have to give. My greatest obstacle in making the content I wanted to make would not be money, equipment or even help, it would be time. This has been said by so many content creators and podcast gurus I do not even know who to give the quote credit, but the quote goes something like this, “Time is your most valuable resource.” Why is that? Isn’t Money your most valuable resource?

Time is your most valuable resource because it is irreplaceable. You cannot buy it, you cannot manufacture it. It simply comes and goes. You need time to do things like blog, youtube or podcast. Even the most efficient production workflows take up time. For example, I estimate on a good week that each Podcast I produce takes me at the minium 3-4 hours of work. Those hours are eaten up with writing the show, research, booking guests, record time, audio set up, audio post production, prepping the show for posting, posting the show on servers, etc. Sometimes, I produce three to six Podcasts a week. So, that is anywhere from 9 – 24 hours of work. Then I have this blog, other projects, writing gigs… is it starting to make sense? So, best case scenario I have a 20 hour week. Worst case scenario it could be 30 hours a week running Spazbot Studios and working creative projects.

I knew I had to make room for this schedule. I knew I had to sacrifice a few things to make this feasible and do a few things like, Work a full-time job, raise a family responsibly and above all else sleep and take care of myself. So, I decided I had to give up a lot of things to make room for Spazbot Studios.

The First thing was Sports. I was spending a lot of time a week watching sports and playing in Fantasy Sports Leagues. I knew standings, schedules, stories about the NFL, NBA, MLB etc. I listented to Sports Talk Radio in my car to keep up, checked websites. It was a lot of time. So, I cut it completely out of my life. I do not watch games, do not listen to Sports Talk, etc. As I publish this, the NFL Playoffs are happening. I have no idea which teams are even in the playoffs. Trust me, this was rough to make happen, but I had to do it.

The Second thing I gave up was Facebook. I do not do Facebook in terms of reading the ‘news feed’ or commenting on people’s photos or reading articles posted by friends. I simply do not have the time. I hate to admit it, but I used to waste 1 – 2 hours a day on Facebook, and trust me, some of you waste more time than that. So, it had to go. I deleted the app from my phone and I now only check our Show Pages and my Messages. I almost titled this blog “I gave up Facebook to Podcast!” My, that would have been sensational. #ClickBait.

The Next few things I did not give up, but I cut way back on them. For example, Professional Wrestling, I love it. I make no apologies about it. However, watching 2 – 3 shows a week takes up a lot of time. So, I cut it way back. I no longer visit news sites, I no longer listen to Podcasts about it. But I allow myself a viewing of WWE NXT every week. Usually, watched while I’m editing shows or writing show notes.

Movies and TV and Netflix also were reduced significantly. I stopped watching TV Shows regularly that were not part of research for the shows. Luckily my wife and I were not big TV junkies, but I was a movie junkie. I probably reduced my consumption of both by 80%.

Reading for Pleasure was also cut way back. I used to read two to three books a month. Now I am lucky to get a few chapters read a month of a single book. I do read a lot, but a lot of my reading now is about business management, efficiency or researching how to be a better content creator. Obsessed much?

The Last thing to get a reduction was Gaming. This is simply conditional mind you. However, my time spent gaming was reduced, and the time I spend playing flexes quite a bit from week to week. I love playing Video Games (clearly), but I no longer put in the hours I once put into the vidja games.

Now that you are reading this, you might be thinking to yourself, what kind of life is this? Where is the fun? Trust me, I have a great life. I am blessed. I have a lot of quality time spent with my wife and kids, and I get a LOT of personal reward out of making the content and developing relationships with the people in the communities that support our shows. That is awesome stuff! Sure, my hobbies were drastically reduced, but in a way I replaced them with something really rewarding, marking stuff.

And I think this last part is really important. You can see, I have a lot of interests. I have those interests, because they provide me value. However, your values or interests can change and shift. I think that making content brings the individual a LOT of value. You may need to give up something to do that, but you will GET something very unexpected as well, and that is okay.

This is the exercise you need to under-take to determine what may have to go in order for you to work on your show, blog or YouTube Channel. The First thing is to itemize your day to day schedule. Look at the time you spend doing everything from working to commuting to spending time with friends to leisure, etc. etc. etc. Please, include things like sleep and exercise.  Assign and hourly value to all the things in your list, then total it all up. If you want to be super nerdy, use a spread sheet. I did.

Then examine the workflow for your Content. How many hours a week do you need to devote to it in order to make it good? Now compare the two lists. Do you have enough time each week? Maybe doing your project will not force you to sacrifice something. I have no idea. That is up to you, but if you see a deficit in time. You need to start prioritizing your first list. What is the MOST important things to you. I hope it is something like Family & Relationships, Self Care, Professional / Job, and all the lesiure stuff is last.

Then you have either hard or easy decisions to make about what you need to cut back on. And Let’s talk about that last part. Giving up things to make things. I want to acknowledge that may feel really hard to do. You may have this great Warcraft Guild and you cannot think to cut a few nights out of the week feels like cutting off a limb. Trust me, I get it. But what I can say to you is that you will not regret it. You will get NEW rewards out of making that project happen.

Making Content is not easy. It takes time and it takes energy. However, the rewards can be more than you imagined. I hope found this Blog valuable, and if you did let me know about it. Leave a comment below or hit me up on twitter. I would love to chat with you about it.

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One thought on “What I Gave Up to Podcast & Make Content

  1. Mick, fantastic write up and explanation as to attempting to explain this. I myself started the very same thing, last Feb. I knew it would take up time to do this and pull it off the level of quality I expect (I feel I’m still not there, actually). And a podcast, Blog or any media creation eats time like a hungry teenage high school boy. It was a stark reality to me, but I have sacrificed plenty in the last year, to do this thing I truly love to do. Now I have no idea if the intended goals I had to help and supply people with information that’s easily digestible but being positive, helpful and entertaining.

    I applaud not only your honesty and transparency, because this advice is platinum to aspiring media/content creators. I myself searched high and low for a few months when I decided to move forward with podcasting. And to my suprise, despite the basics, it’s very hard to find any in depth information on starting podcasts.

    Well met sir!

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