Welcome to mickmontgomery.com!

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Welcome to the end result of a lot of hard work and thoughtware. I will be honest with you, there were times where I thought this day would never come. However now it is here, and I am so excited to embark upon this journey with you!

When I first registered the domain for mickmontgomery.com back in 2002 I knew nothing about web page design, absolutely zero! My good friend Dennis Baker did know something about web design. We were both trying our best to get work as actors and the LATEST craze for actors was to build your own website. Dennis did a GREAT job on his website, so I offered him $100 bucks to make mine and he did! That was 14 years ago!

A lot has changed since then. First off, I am no longer pursuing Acting as my full time career. I in fact have a LOT of full time careers. I produce web content. I am a podcast host. I am a small business owner. I am a coach. I am a producer. I am a professional fanboy. I am an entertainment industry professional. I have a lot of hats on the rack. When I sat down and thought about what I wanted my personal website to become, I was a little overwhelmed to say the least. How was I going to create a website that properly represented all of these things?

Then I went back to a design philosphy that I hold dear, simplicity. How can this be simple for the person on the other end? Why would they come to my site? What are they going to get from the site? How can it be simple for that person to engage with me through this site? Then it hit me. Instead of makig a site that was a static representation of my career, the site should represent what I like to do. The site should be about telling stories, and provideing valuable information. So, once we settled on that, the idea became pretty clear. Let’s make the site a blog. Let’s talk about Content Creation. Let’s provide people with valuable information. Let’s try to promote conversation!

So, that is what mickmontgomery.com is about! Here you will find me writing about things with the hope that you engage and discuss the topics alongside me. Here you will get to peak behind the curtain and learn how I produce the content I produce, and I will tell you how I did it. Here you will find something that a lot of bloggers in the space refuse to do! Admit their mistakes. Yep, there is going to be honesty and a lot of self criticism in this blog as well.

This is a journey, and it is a journey I look forward to traveling with you! Let’s get to it!

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