My Juice Cleanse Detox Report #fitwithmick

Need to jump start your a new healthy lifestyle? Maybe a Juice Cleanse Detox is the right solution for you. It certainly was for me, and Let me share why it was helpful, and why it was challenging.

This will be a quick Blog post, but I hope it is an informative Blog Post! This past weekend was Labor Day weekend, and while most folks in the U.S. were taking it easy with a well earned holiday. I decided to do something a bit more challenging than that. I decided after months and months of false starts, I was going to do something drastic to kick my booty in gear for this long awaited journey to fitness I had put off.

Why did I do this? Well, I’ve noticed over the past few months that despite healthier eating, I was seeing very little progress in weight loss. A trip to the doctor determined that my vitals were normal and blood analysis did not turn up anything odd. A friend of mine at work asked me if I had considered a cleanse to jump start the process.

“At the very least, you’ll just feel better, and your body will get a ton of nutrients.” she said. That made sense to me. I had done a Juice Cleanse in the past and I liked the results but did not like the process. I knew this time around, it would probably be the same, but I had tried a lot of stuff. So, why not a Cleanse?

I followed the Joe Cross 3- Day Juice cleanse program, which you can find information on here. I know, it’s a Doctor Oz link. Gross, right? Well, the information is solid and Joe Cross is a go to person for solid information on the effects of losing weight through Juicing. He was the subject of the documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”. His website is here if you want to check it out. I have no familiarity with his products or programs outside of this three day cleanse. So, I do not advocate for any of that stuff. If you do, great, would love to hear your feedback below!

The Cleanse was simple enough. You drink five different fruit and vegetable juices every day for three days. You drink warm water with lemon in the morning and herbal tea at night. You eat one solid meal of fruits and vegetables at night. I followed this program to the T, but I did not do the Lunch Time juice recipe as I found it unbearably gross. I hate Gazpacho and it’s essentially liquid gazpacho. So, I made my own juice for lunch by day 2 and 3. It worked fine. There is no refined sugar, no caffeine.

Here were the results. I weighed in before the cleanse at 333 lbs. This is not my heaviest, but damn close. Now you can see why I wanted to try anything! After the cleanse this morning I was down to 326. That is a seven-pound swing. Now, a lot of that is ‘water weight’ and I acknowledge that, but that’s still a good chunk of weight off the ole body! I now feel really good now that I am on the othe side, but it was a rough experience, to say the least. Let me explain.

First, I had to sit through two social meals where everyone ate food like Fried Chicken and Waffles and Burgers and Fries and all kinds of fun stuff. There was a lot of social pressure to partake, but I held off, having to explain several times that I was on a cleanse. I had a lot of quizzical looks, but I just held my ground and drank my juice which resembled something you would find at the bottom of a fish aquarium.

The other part that I noticed were mood swings that I can attribute to low blood sugar. I certainly got more upset than I should have when I misplaced my car keys. Also, it is a LOT of work juicing this much! I have a masticating juicer so that helps, but it’s a lot of time cutting and juicing veggies and fruit. This is something I could probably stream line over time, but it was a lot of time standing at the counter making juice.

Here are some tips, if you want to do a cleanse like this for whatever reason. First, take care of yourself with rest. I slept a lot, and a took a nap in the afternoons. This helped out a ton. Second, go easy on exercise. I relied on swimming and walking, but avoided anything hardcore like the gym or cross-fit inspired workouts. Also, consider the right time and plan for it. I deliberately picked a non-busy three day weekend to do the cleanse. This helped a lot. I can see if you did this during say a busy week at work, you might have a melt down due to stress and fluctuating blood sugar levels. Also, if you have any health problems or conditions like Heart Disease or Diabetes, you REALLY need to consult a physician. I am not a doctor. I am a dude who tried a thing and found some positive results that worked for me. Everyone is different, and you should use caution.

All in All, this was a good experience for my overall health. I would like to figure out how I can incorporate what I learned from this experience into a sustainable lifestyle. I will let you know how that goes! Feel free to continue to follow this blog for more updates. If you have experience with cleanses and would like to leave feedback, feel free to leave a comment below! If you have questions, you can do that too!

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