Gratitude Day

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A Blog Post where I discuss the thing that matters most on Thanks Giving, but we often times over-look it, and why we should do it more than just once a year!

If you live in the Unites States then this is a Holiday Week for you! No, the holiday is NOT BLACK FRIDAY. The Holiday is Thanksgiving. Now different people have different ideas about Thanksgiving, and I think for most people it boils down to what a former friend of mine used to call the three F’s: Food, Family and Football. However, I think the meaning is pretty much summed up in the title. This Holiday is about giving Thanks!.

Gratitude. Such a simple thing really. You simply say ‘thank you’. That is it! You can say thank you to a person. You can say thank you to your own spiritual deity. You can say thank you to yourself. It is Really easy. However, if you are like me, it can be overlooked unless you create some intention around it.

There are a number of spiritual and religious practices that encourage prayer. Whoops! I should pause a second, because I am sure about 50% of you went, “Oh NO this is a Preaching Blog!” Nope, It is not. There is a real point that relates back to making things. As A Content Creator you must maintain a positive mindset if you want to be productive and open to potential opportunities! This may seem a bit hokey, but stay with me. I have a point! Now back to scary religious discussion. Just kidding, it is just mildly scary.

Often times when people pray. They pray for intercession or intervention through supplication. “Please, help my mom who is struggling with cancer,” or “I ask you provide me enough money to pay rent this month.” Now, I was told often that before making the ask, you should give thanks first. You should show your Gratitude for what has been provided, before asking for something in return in your prayers.

Why? The expression of Gratitude is a real centering and calming experience. I do not know abot you, but the idea of NOT HAVING creates anxiety and stress. “OH! I don’t have the money to buy this Camera I need to start shooting the project I want to shoot! Ugh, why can’t I figure out how to earn more money to get the tools I need! Why am I a failure!?!” This, my friends, is a shame spiral. However, if I stop and realize what I do have and how awesome those things are, I calm down and find my center in that storm of emotions. For exmaple, I have an awesome wife. I have children I love. I have a studio that is basically paid for through the support of our listeners and viewers. I have a lot, and when I stop and recognize this I have gratitude for these things and these relationships. I feel better about my situation.

Gratitude as a practice is really important, but I think we overlook the power it can have in our lives. I do it. That is why I  try to stop once a week and give thanks for the things I have. Especially in the moments of frustration, when I just want to throw in the towel. Yep, I have those feelings more than you think.

This Thanksgiving I encourage you to think about the things in your life that make you feel grateful, and once you know them, celebrate them! If you are a content creator, ask yourself, what am I grateful for in my work? The answers may show you just how far you have come in your own personal journey.

What are your practices around Gratitude? Or perhaps more importantly, how do you center yourself when the process of creating something has you frustrated or depressed! Let’s talk about it! Tweet me or share a comment below!

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