Crossing Those Milestones

I am a big fan of Milestones. I first noticed how much I liked them as a young kid learning to play golf. My father was a country club golf professional and PGA member, so golf was an important part of my childhood. I always looked forward the YARD Markers on the course. These are the little signs that indicate you have crossed a certain amount of yardage on a course (200 yards, 300 yards, etc.) I always felt a sense of accomplishment when I would pass them because I knew I had made progress towards a goal.

Four Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Start Your Podcast

MM Podcasting 2015v

This year a Lot of you are hard charging into 2016 with a goal to START a Podcast! I think that is really awesome, and I applaud you for making it happen for yourself! So, as you start to plan the launch of your first epiosde, I wanted to offer you four questions you should ask yourself, before you start your podcast!