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My name is Mick Montgomery and I like to create things. I was born in a town I never knew, and raised in the dusty dunes of Southern California by a Golf Professional and the daughter of a lawyer who dreamed of being an artist. I have been living a creative life since I was a small child. I have distinct memories of taking Legal Pads from my Father’s office and spending hours after school doodling comics and epic space battle scenes. I spent many afternoons building cities out of legos or disappearing into the back yeard to have epic adventures with Super Heroes and Villains. Later on I found the love of my life and built a family with two little people who changed me forever. I have been a leader, actor, director, writer, blogger, podcaster, youtuber, founder, teacher and corporate executive. Along the way, people found my stuff, they watched or listened to it. I won a few awards. Then I founded Spazbot Studios in 2014 because I wanted to create awesome shows and projects with terrific people. There are millions of creative individuals out there in the world, telling stories, making art with their bare hands and building actual businesses around creating things. I feel that I am a part of a community of creatives who are finding a way to take new technology and use it to their own advantage to tell  stories and create communities that add value to people’s lives. I find that inspiring. That is what this website is about. It is about celebrating the macro and micro of creativity. It is about sharing information. It is about building a community. Welcome to the site. If you have a question, feel free to ask!


I encourage courteous and respectful dialogue amongst those who comment, if you cannot abide by that I will delete your comments.

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